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Google Reviews

    • “Dr. Gary Berger is AMAZING! I had liposuction of my abdomen, waist and back bra rolls. I am about 3 months post surgery and my results keep getting better and better! Dr. Berger is extremely professional, he made me feel very comfortable and listened to my concerns. He delivered exactly what I was expecting and more. I have never felt so confident in my body in clothes and without! If you are thinking about having any cosmetic surgery, please look no further than Dr. Berger :)” ~ N.V.
    • “I have hated my body for 35 years! But I was always too afraid to try surgery. After studying & researching Dr. Berger I knew he was the surgeon I needed. He was so honest about what I needed (and did not need done) The staff was great. The contact after was so special. I was able to express my concerns and have the answers i needed. It has been almost 2 months after my surgery and I couldnt be happier. My outter beauty finally matches my inner beauty. Dr Berger, Thank you, you have changed my life. My confidence is sky high… I am definitely going back. Hes amazing.. I cant even express how great this whole experience was. My #bergerbutton is the cutest thing ever!! I am an official #bergerbabe You want to change your life? You want to feel good about yourself? Go see Dr. Berger & his team… You will not regret it. I haven’t even displayed my new body and people notice the change… Wepa wepa wepa!!!”

    • “Dr. Berger is phenomenal! I had liposuction of my abdomen and waist in September 2019. Dr Berger gave me my shape back and my stomach is so flat it looks like I had a tummy tuck. He has a perfected technique that gives his patients the ultimate results. The procedure was comfortable and healing time was minimal with little to no discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Berger to anyone looking to enhance their physical appearance.” ~ C.R

    • “Had my procedure with Dr. Berger on 8/8/19 and my experience was AMAZING! I was already seeing results at the 1 week point and they get better each day. He really listened to my concerns and delivered the results I was looking for. Pain and recovery were minimal and I was able to return to work quickly. I also have a few friends who had a procedure with him and they also look great. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. Thanks Dr. Berger!” ~ D.R.

    • “I was referred to Dr.Berger by multiple people. His art speaks for itself. It’ was a life changing experience for me and I couldn’t be anymore happier. I went from a size 14 to a size 6/8 and the gotten my arms/ upper lower abd/ & front bra roll done ! & it was worth every dollar! His expertise and knowledge had me calm thro the process and I honestly would only trust him to perform anything on me. The results are beautiful and I saw a difference by 3 months & it kept getting better &better from there and saw the best of the best results a year later!. Shout out to his team and Melissa who’s also helped me and guided me through the process !! I’d recommend Dr. Berger to anyone who wants to reconstruct their look , you’ll get the best outcome ! I feel good and looking better because of you!!” ~ J.C.

    • “I would like to start from the first day I met Dr. Gary S. Berger which was my consultation. Everything he explain about my surgery was precise. On December 19, 2019 I had liposuction, tummy tuck and Breast Augmentation. I am nineteen days in. I am happy with my results. I love Dr. Berger and his Staff. Melissa always took any doubts I had away. This place is amazing Dr. Berger gives his attention to you 100% each visit. If you are thinking about surgery. Please give Dr. Gary S. Berger a call. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Dr. Berger will have you in a new body before you know it. I have one suggestion for anyone who is considering surgery. If Dr. Berger suggest you need the medicine bags. Please listen to him. It is amazing. You will be pain free trust me.
      Thank you Dr. Berger for everything!!!!!” ~ F.G.

    • “Dr. Berger is amazing!! I’ve had him inject juviderm in my lips before and he’s such an artist. Recently I had my liposuction procedure done with him about two months ago and I’m loving my results. I had very little swelling and only took off from work one day. He took in my waist so much that now I have that beautiful hour glass shape. Since then I’ve had multiple friends see him and they love their results too. I would recommend him to anyone that’s looking to have anything cosmetic done.” ~ E.M.

    • “Dr. Berger is the best plastic surgeon! I am thrilled with the results of my recent Liposuction and BBL. He is incredibly knowledgeable and gave me the results I was seeking. I was born with a very boxy frame and flat butt and now thanks to Dr. Berger, he has given me the body I’ve always wanted. I feel so confident in my appearance and he made the process very easy. His staff was very friendly and answered all my questions. They held my hand through the whole process. I highly recommend Dr. Berger he is truly the best plastic surgeon !!” ~ S.P.

    • “Doing my surgery with Dr. Berger was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! I recently did liposuction and BBL and my results were unbelievable! I am 36 years old and I have been putting weight on and off since I was 15. I have always been insecure with my body. I have never worn a 2-piece swimsuit my whole life. I have always worn a shaper under fitted clothes. Now I can wear whatever I want and I am throwing my body shapers away! Never in my dreams did I ever think that my body could look like this! I lost the bulges on my belly, I have such small waist which made my hips look really curvy, and my butt looks amaaazing!!!! I couldn’t ask for a better shape! Now I am CONFIDENT and I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. It was life a LIFE CHANGING experience for me. I highly recommend Dr. Berger!!! He’s the best!” ~ A.C.

    • “Dr Berger and his staff are amazing. He listens and answers every question. He’s changed my life and I am very happy and grateful for him. Thank you! You are the best!!” ~ R.A.

    • “I found Dr. Berger via my insurance network database. I went for a consultation, which he was very informative about the risks of a breast reduction. His team was able to get the insurance company to approve the cost of the reduction. During the pre-op and post-op he was readily made time to appease my nervousness; as well as answer any questions I had; via email or just cell phone. I would definitely recommend him for a breast reduction.” ~ D.N.

    • “I am a male patient and a plastic surgeon who was highly regarded, but retired recommended Dr. Gary.” ~ B.S.

Realself Reviews

    • “I wanted a tummy for years. I had 3 c-sections and had that kangaroo flap/pouch. I’m 5 feet and weighed 130. I’m a 124 lbs now. Finally, I decided to take the plunge. I was excited but terrified. Dr. Berger’s staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I watched a video that walked thru the process. I had my surgery on Dec 16th. I was in a lot of pain initially so I slept and rested the 1st week.I did get up to eat and walk as directly. I used a pillow when I had to cough or sneeze and it was very helpful. My husband helped me with the drains and I slept on the couch or a big chair I have in the living room. It’s been a month and I had my 1 month f/u with Dr. Berger. My swelling has been reduced significantly and I currently using my scar gel and Mederma PM. I have to say that the team that assisted Dr. Berger is extremely professional and were very thorough especially the anesthesiologist.I have to say that I loved Dr. Berger’s bedside manner and his attentiveness. He is well spoken, warm and honest. He told me step by step what to expect and had a high regard for my expectations. I’m very happy with my results but I still have a few months of swelling to reduce. My new belly button is amazing! I can’t wait to see this body in the Summer. I’m proud to say that I don’t feel bad about looking in the mirror, body by Berger!! I love it and can’t wait to start working out, again! Thanks again Dr. Berger!!”

    • “All I can say is….thank God for Dr. Berger. I’m a 51 year old woman who had 2 children and post menopause. It was time for some upkeeping.
      Last year I was talked into seeing another doctor (I rather not say the name) for just a small amount of lipo on my stomach. She left me with hollow spots and a lose skin at the area of my stomach. In addition to the careless job, she tore the skin by site of where the instrument entered. This was all done while I was awake, which I do not recommend.
      A year later decided to go to Dr. Berger, who performed my breast surgery in past and I was extremely pleased with. I highly recommended him to several of my friends.
      After a long in depth consultation, Dr. Berger patiently discussed what he could do correct my skin elasticity and stomach. I must say he was very patient and listened while I discribed in detail the things that bothered me. I decided to go ahead with the stomach correction. In addition, to have lipo at the saddle bags and love handles. What was interesting, Dr. Berger even thought ahead to ask me to bring in a bathing suit to map out where he could place the scars. (Which are almost gone completely). The recovery was quick. I was walking around and could have went to work the next day but decided to stay home. I had minor bruising for a couple weeks. It’s now been 3-4 months later, Im so happy with the results and I just wish I saw him earlier. I love the outcome. My skin looks tight and my jeans fit! I definitely have more energy and simply feel younger.
      The skin on my stomach is tighter and the hallow holes are gone. Thank You! to Dr. Berger….My only regret is not seeing him first. Lesson learned… I will not ever trust anyone else.”

    • “I cannot say enough about Dr. Berger & his staff. Dr. Berger’s work is impeccable. His bedside manner is comforting and you always know you’re in capable hands. His staff is top notch! Very friend and very professional at all times. My only regret is not pursuing the body of my dreams sooner. I am so happy with my tummy tuck, lipo and botox treatment. You will not be disappointed no matter what you choose. He can do anything. So if you’re hesitating like I was … stop right now and make the call.”

    • “I have been wanting to get a Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck for as long as I can remember after having my kids. I had several consultations and one of them was Dr. Berger. From the initial visit he provided me all the answers to questions I had. Made me feel comfortable right from the start. Dr Berger is very direct and detailed and explained all of what I would experience from Day 1. He even made sure to let me know should I have questions that I forgot to ask that I could reach him directly and he would answer right away. I knew he would be my choice right after the consultation. When it comes to surgery it is the most frightening experience I could ever go through, his staff Melissa and Yadira are AMAZING! They answered all my questions, were very supportive and understanding. Yadira helped calm me down the day of surgery as I was a mess. Dr Berger also made sure I was ok and ready. I am still recovering almost 3 weeks post op but I can already see the results and everyday I feel and look better and better. I could not be happier with my decision in choosing Dr. Berger and my results thus far. I can’t wait for a few months from now when my swelling is gone to see how amazing my results are. If you are considering getting anything done Dr. Berger should be your choice. You will not be disappointed.”

    • “From the first visit to the subsequent follow up visits Dr. Berger answered every question I had even when they were duplicates. He made me feel confident that he was the correct person to help me with my concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Berger to any of my family members or friends.”

    • Some years ago I had liposuction on my lower abdomen. I was happy with it but always regretted not doing my upper and sides. I finally worked up the courage and had the perfect excuse to get it done. My daughter is getting married and after gifting her some liposuction with Dr. Berger and seeing her amazing results I decided I had to do it. I am so glad I did, the results were amazing.”

    • “I am completely satisfied with Dr. Gary Berger. I am a 59 year old and my surgery was for breast implants and lift and lipo of the stomach, abdomin, sides, side of breast and outer thighs, My first impression is I felt safe. He took the time to discuss all pros and cons to the surgery. He is very straightforward, which I like. I was extremely nervous the first time I was having any type of surgery. He never pressured me into anything. The surgery went great. The after effects is what I was told and there were no surprises. It has been 7 months I look and feel great. The office of Dr. Berger is also what I look at. Melissa is very kind and patient. The surgery nurse and anesthesiologist was wonderful. Looking forward to the next one.”

    • “I was referred to Dr. Berger by a PS that was retiring so right away I knew I was in good hands. I met with Dr. Berger and his staff (Melissa and Veronica) and they were the 1st clue into how comfortable this experience would be. They greet you at the door with the warmest smiles. They keep their appointments and there is no delay or downtime in waiting for the doctor. When I met the Dr. I became even more comfortable because he answered every question I asked (and I had a lot because I was putting this procedure off for years). The timeline he gave me for a response from the insurance company was spot on and I was able to plan accordingly for my summer surgery. I had my breast reduction on July 11th and it was the best decision I ever made (just made it too late). During the 2 days after surgery I broke 1 of my drains and Dr. quickly sent me to his NY office and had someone meet me there to have it replaced even though he was in his Riverdale office. A+ for service. Before he went on vacation for summer he scheduled a visit so he could look at my progress to determine what should happen in the event I needed assistance in his absence. This process was so smooth it is unbelievable and I have no doubt In the Dr’s ability and craftsmanship. If I have to do another surgery (tummy tuck) I will not hesitate to call him. Thank you Dr. Berger and staff for helping me through this process. This will not be the last you see of me. Oh and BTW I already referred 2 friends.”

    • “Where shall I begin…I had my procedure done on 9/4 tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, lipo on the flanks and inner thighs which was then transferred to my hips!! YESSS I KNOW it sounds like a lot… It was but…when you have an honest doctor who explains every procedure in detail from beginning to end it’s not!! I think Dr. Berger has hands of an ANGEL!!!!!! I woke up and it was like MAGIC occurred! I was so concerned with what my belly button would look like, but again Dr.Berger reassured me that he would do his best to give me a #bergerbutton and he delivered just that!! My #bergerbutton looks beautiful!! I am so pleased with all the work that was done to my body and it has only been 9days!! As the days pass my results become more AMAZING !! I look and feel fantastic ALREADY! Super Satisfied and this is only the beginning!! Before I go, I would also like to commend his entire staff, the professionalism, care and concern that they ALL have for Dr. B’s patients is outstanding! I’m so thankful for them. They are genuinely kind. They never failed with making sure me and my husband were at ease every time I called or we came to the office. I was blessed to be referred to him by a co-worker and I would definitely recommend Dr.Berger to all my friends and family. Trust me you will not be disappointed. #bergerbarbie #bergerbutton #satisfiedclient”

Facebook Reviews

    • “I love them, I’ve been here twice and I plan on going back in December for my tummy tuck!!” ~ N.S.

  • “Best decision i ever made. From a 44J to a 42DD. Lets just say everyone is happy – Mom and the “TWINS”. Love how my twins look in a bathing suit and cant wait to go back and get a tummy tuck. Dr Berger and his staff are the best. Thx Gary, Melissa and Veronica. A+ for service.” ~ S.P.

Vitals Reviews

    • “Doing my surgery with Dr. Berger was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! I recently did liposuction and BBL and my results were unbelievable! I am 36 years old and I have been putting weight on and off since I was 15. I have always been insecure with my body. I have never worn a 2-piece swimsuit my whole life. I have always worn a shaper under fitted clothes. Now I can wear whatever I want and I am throwing my body shapers away! Never in my dreams did I ever think that my body could look like this! I lost the bulges on my belly, I have such small waist which made my hips look really curvy, and my butt looks amaaazing!!!! I couldn’t ask for a better shape! Now I am CONFIDENT and I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. It was life a LIFE CHANGING experience for me. I highly recommend Dr. Berger!!! He’s the best!”

    • “I visited many, many surgeons and picked Dr. Berger. I couldn’t be happier. I had both breast augmentation and rhinoplasty and I would highly recommend him to any one seaching for a kind, compassionate, competent surgeon with outstanding bedside manner.”

    • “Generally, I am not one to write a review sharing my personal experience, but Dr. Berger is a brilliant plastic surgeon that deserves bragging about. Over the past few years I have had several procedures done in his office, namely liposuction, brazilian butt lift, and just recently complicated revision breast augmentation botched by someone else. All procedures were a great success, and I am beyond happy with my results. Dr. Berger not only gave me a body that I have always wanted, but also exceeded my expectations in every way. He has shaped me in the most natural, beautiful and feminine way, and I will forever be grateful for his exquisite artistry. He is truly a master of his craft, and worth every penny.”

    • “I am very pleased with Dr. Gary S. Berger. He very detailed, understanding, soft spoken and makes sure you understand exactly what will happen during our procedure. There is no appointment wait time. Easy locations, and the one thing that I love the most that he response to your every single question you may have little or small. Love this Dr.”

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