faceliftAs you age, your face changes. Your skin loses its elasticity and the skin may begin to bunch in several locations. Muscular bands become more apparent. A facelift can help restore the look of your youth by selectively canceling out those features which signify age. The cheeks are elevated, folds are flattened, jowls are tightened, the neck is redraped, and excess skin is removed. Your appearance is not replaced, but a younger appearance is restored.

Dr. Berger has performed more facelifts in the last few years than nearly every other doctor in the Tri-state area. The surgery can be performed under general anesthesia, light sedation or even partially awake.

There are several variations of facelifts. The most commonly performed SMAS intermediate depth facelifts achieve their lift at a deeper level below the skin, for the best long term results. The incisions are made within and just in front of the ear and wrap around the back of the ear and hide mostly within the hairline. Newer short-scar facelifts are used when possible to avoid lengthy incisions. During surgery, the anatomy of the face becomes more defined.

In the next day or so, dressings are removed. Most of the sutures are dissolvable but the rest are removed over the next week or so. The amount of swelling that you may get is variable, but you can resume most normal activities within a week and should begin getting compliments on your new look within three weeks.

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