Laser Treatment

The introduction of fractional laser skin resurfacing dramatically changed the way plastic surgeons approach resurfacing techniques. Since discomfort and healing time are minimized, fractional resurfacing has become more appealing to a wider range of people. The procedure reduces skin imperfections and promotes collagen regeneration, reclaiming the skin’s youthful texture, tone and color. Results will vary depending on age, degree of sun damage and skin type.

Topical anesthetics are applied and sometimes oral medications are prescribed. Administering nerve blocks is another option that completely numbs the area being treated. Some patients will choose to do the procedure under light anesthesia, or while undergoing another surgical procedure at the same setting.

Within a few days, new skin will appear that is smoother and more even-toned. Normal activities may be resumed, in most cases, within 5-7 days. The treated skin will continue to improve over six to nine months as the new collagen builds replacing the old collagen.

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